Coming Together and Giving Thanks


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Coming Together and Giving Thanks

There was plenty to be thankful for this year at our annual Swirlsgiving feast. Like being able to enjoy a delicious potluck with our entire Swirl family as we warmed by the environmentally-friendly digital fireplace.

This was our best Swirlsgiving turnout yet. Every chair was filled and the tables overflowed even more than our plates. It was so wonderful to see everyone take time out of their busy schedules to come together over delicious, home-cooked recipes. With turkey, sides and desserts — including a plethora of gluten-free friendly dishes — everyone showed off their culinary best, sharing family recipes and Pinterest-quality finds. Considering the sparse amount of leftovers, every dish was a hit. But the fan favorites of the feast were probably Yoni’s Yemen inspired chicken legs, Bridgette’s roasted cauliflower, bean, and feta salad, Kurt’s sweet potato soufflé, Ami’s corn casserole, and Bianca's monkey bread.

In addition, we’re rolling out a new tradition to honor our talented culinary Swirlies. Stay tuned for our first-ever Swirl Thanksgiving cookbook — filled with a collection of all the unique recipes at our feast. We’re excited to bring our own family and friends together over the same delicious dishes for years to come.

As an added sweet treat, we celebrated our co-CEO Tom Sebastian’s 50th birthday, We surprised him with a heartfelt card signed by the entire agency, a giant cake, and a bright “Swirl” orange beach cruiser that he immediately took for a spin around the Creative Lab.

It was a fantastic feast with great food and even better company. Looking around the room at all the smiles of colleagues new and old was a great reminder of how thankful we are for the wonderful family we have at Swirl.